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australian open tennis - News headline

Bud Collins joins ESPN tennis coverage after leaving NBC (Sports Illustrated)

- Filling of tennis of united bud ESPN Collins a month after its final appearance of Wimbledon for the NBC.

Bud Collins Joins ESPN (Broadcasting and Cable)

- United bud ESPN Collins of the analyst of tennis of NBC of the veteran and will hold the court to the great events that of Slam the Australians open themselves, the French open themselves and she samples you of Wimbledon who begin the next year.

Dellacqua cracks top 100 tennis ranking (AAP via Yahoo!7 Sports)

- Casey Dellacqua has given to tennis of the Australian women one pushed breaking off itself in the 100 main places for before the time.

Tennis Hall of Famer Bud Collins joining ESPN (ESPN)

- To sprout Collins, a written institution in in and the filling of broadcasting tennis in order more than 40 years, has joined ESPN.

Could this 5-year-old be the future of tennis? (USA Today)

- It is a warm afternoon of june and the Silva of January is making the short things on one that of tennis little its age never has. To a point, merletta to a-he has past, crosspiece-short of the topspin talked nonsense against its hitting associate, than lunges in useless. January goffers its arm in order to punctuate the winner with that other? one pump of the fist. January, or “Jani „poichè its parents call it, are 5.

ESPN, Collins a match for tennis coverage (Boston Globe)

- He has not long taken for the bud Collins in order to obtain newly within the scene of broadcasting of tennis after to have been fallen from the NBC last month.

Ullyett, Cara pull through at Australian Open (The Herald)

- The ADVANCED players Kevin Ullyett of tennis of Zimbabwean and the black one of Beloved yesterday are successful to negotiate their sense beyond the round opening of the men and the competitions of the doubles quantity of the women to the Australian open themselves.

'Age of Love' star Mark Philippoussis picks Amanda Salinas over Jen (Reality TV World)

- The Philippoussis mark can learn that the age is right a number when comes to love, but the Australian professional player of tennis of 31 year still has chosen goes up some of the Amanda, an assistant of the 25 financial planners of years from Nashville, TN, like age of the winner of the love during the broadcasting of the end of the past night of the NBC truth that given the series.

Men's Tennis notebook: August 6 (Texas Longhorns)

- AUSTIN, Texas -- The university of Texas increasing Luis greater Diaz Barriga will more subsequently represent its Mexico born them this week to games 2007 of the university of the world to Bangkok, Thailand. The tennis competition is previewed to work from the 9 needle.

Tennis-X Notes: ATP Investigates Davydenko Betting Match (TennisX)

- NEWS, NOTES, CITATIONS and BARBSFrom of TENNIS-X the times online: “With the mayoralties it organizes you of crime has believed for being behind the scams betting that they have clouded repeatedly the tennis reputation, the trifosfato one of adenosina has employed If

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