terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2007

womens tennis - News headline

Monday, August 6, 2007 (Deccan Herald)

- The star of tennis of 20 years has rendered it to quarterfinals to the event the classic of tennis of the 1,3 of the million-dollar womens of Acura to Saint Diego the last week, than it has allowed it to raise a place towards thirtieth on the last list of place of WTA turn.

25-year tennis tourney ends in Classic form (Tahoe Daily Tribune)

- From Paul Andrew

You Can Do It (The Shreveport Times)

- The FALL OF HIGH SCHOOL Of the ACADEMY OF GAMETIME MONTRA SQUARE TRYOUTS: 25 needle., to LSUS, noon, gratis. Email: Ronnie Coker for the more information to coker@gametimeacademy.com

West County Scuttlebutt, August 8 (Tri-County Journal)

- the REGISTRIES n of BASEBALL Sphere-n-Hit are offering the classified lessons of baseball in order hitting, the launch, interfering and fielding. All the instructors are certify in order to teach to you in the structured programs. The space is limited. The Info, to demand (636) 394-2255 or to visit www.ballsnstrikes.us.

C&N Tournament comes to an end (The Daily Review)

- The torneo of tennis of C& N has concluded saturday to the courts of tennis of the High School di Towanda with 10 matches of division championship.

Qaeda threaten to target Delhi (Deccan Herald)

- In a new video one has gotten rid from Al-Qaeda, a narrator has said the optimization of Tel Aviv, Moscow and Delhi is moreover our legitimate right…

Sports memories (The Greater New Milford Spectrum)

- Tom Duffy of the Bethel of n has been signed from the evasori de Los Angeles.

Washington Open surprises (NZCity)

- The surprise aplenty to open tennis de Washington as the large seeds impacchettate outside.

WNBA, local golf, NFL, tennis (The Toledo Blade)


Tennis Winners Announced (Scott County Times)

- Forest-Member of the third party travel mission anniversary/tennis de New York City recently has accommodated a torneo of tennis of fundraiser to the park of Gaddis. It gains you of the torneo have been allocates to you for the refueling of the encampment for the youth not privileged in the Bronx of the south regulated for the first week of August.

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