terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2007

prince of tennis anime - News headline

THE PRINCE OF TENNIS BOX SET 2 (ADVANCE REVIEW) - Active Anime (press release)

Assets Spirits (communicated press) the & nbsp active of Spirits of PRINCE OF TENNIS BOX SET 2 (REVIEW OF ADVANCE) (communicated press); - 16 lug. 2007 moreover include a file of the minium-manifesto that has the episode directory on one side and the image of art on the other hand. The tennis prince is spirits… of 1) net of the comic strip of

(and THAT IS the means celebrate the first anniversary… of the news net of Spirits (communicated press),   Canada  - 2 hours of answer agoFan to MÄRTM and PRINCE OF TENNIS that debuted exclusively in the United States on ToonamiJetstream.com, set in action the two exposures hour to ventilate on the comic strip…

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