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woman tennis - News headline

Roddick conquers unseeded tennis upstart (Los Angeles Times)

- a striatura of the player of the Part-seeded Isner of conclusions of five victories in third party-has regulated the tiebreakers with a 6-4, Victoria 7-6 (of 4) in the classic of tennis of the Mason di Legg.

Tennis-X Notes: ATP Investigates Davydenko Betting Match (TennisX)

- NEWS, NOTES, CITATIONS and BARBSFrom of TENNIS-X the times online: “With the mayoralties it organizes you of crime has believed for being behind the scams betting that they have clouded repeatedly the tennis reputation, the trifosfato one of adenosina has employed If

'Age of Love' star Mark Philippoussis picks Amanda Salinas over Jen (Reality TV World)

- The Philippoussis mark can learn that the age is right a number when comes to love, but the Australian professional player of tennis of 31 year still has chosen goes up some of the Amanda, an assistant of the 25 financial planners of years from Nashville, TN, like age of the winner of the love during the broadcasting of the end of the past night of the NBC truth that given the series.

It's time to decide if 'Age' really matters (Detroit News)

- This evening it is the moment of time of truth for Australian tennis hunky for and Philippoussis mark of the bachelor of the TV because this is the night that happily chooses one woman in its 40s for living never after with or one woman in its 20s.

Debit card theft (NBC 12 Richmond)

- A simple travel through the alimony to fast preparation guid-through cost one woman of Henrico more than 300 dollars. To watch they say an employee to the number of card of debit of the stoleher of the restaurant and used it. Hour faces 3 expenses of crime.

Webster Groves woman being driven batty (Mid-County Journal)

- Deane Jones of the small wood of the Webster has become an owner little disposed to a colony of the blocks.

Sports briefs College Football Tennis College Basketball Soccer (The Victoria Advocate)

- MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin that ago to work behind the nozzle Smith, that it has been loaded with the battery and the disordinato behavior last month, has been reintegrato to the square monday hardly before the before practical one of the season.

Police have DNA evidence in July 4 rape (Centre Daily Times)

- TO DECLARE the UNIVERSITY -- A month after that a be struck woman colza and inside of its apartment, to declare the police of the university has said that they have test of the DNA from the crime scene that could be used against a suspicion -- if and when it is interfered.

Classic serve and folly (San Diego Union-Tribune)

- 7 needle. (UNION-TRIBUNE): Remembering itself of the classic of Acura, that it is painful. Tennis of torneo of the women in this zone has not had to die, not in a county in which the time it is sublima, where there are 70 centers of the tennis reunion and where interest in the game, I would say, wishes lively as it is wherever.

Despite hype, Sania still a role model (The Times of India)

- Blueta of monday of beat of Sania Mirza to break off itself in the top-30 in the places of the world. And concluded a scarcity of 20 years to transform itself in in the first Indian, man or woman, being in that rabbet after Ramesh Krishnan, that it has been aligned 23 of 1987.

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