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tennis shoes - News headline

Could this 5-year-old be the future of tennis? (USA Today)

- It is a warm afternoon of june and the Silva of January is making the short things on one that of tennis little its age never has. To a point, merletta to a-he has past, crosspiece-short of the topspin talked nonsense against its hitting associate, than lunges in useless. January goffers its arm in order to punctuate the winner with that other? one pump of the fist. January, or “Jani „poichè its parents call it, are 5.

North American Items Get Second Life in Haiti (NPR)

- To never ask where your old ice-skates of tennis are concluded in on? All in It has seems to come give to you otherwise in some place. Dressed of sport of the Haitians with it marks Americans. The buses are old clunkers from Canada -- and the tolette even used from the extremity of the America of the North in on here.

Tips for Choosing Athletic Shoes (Newswise)

- Price of marks of style ......? Which thing acquired for in the athletic ice-skates? The experts say “to the sole „of the pains and of the pains of many women it is defective footwear.

The Western Front (The Western Front Online)

- To exit MySpace and the lace on those ice-skates of tennis; it is time to think next to the sign in on for intramurals and the randelli western about sport. With intramural signing it increases 1° the september of beginning, quarter of fall will carry disowned, the intense competition and the probability to make the memories unforgettable.

In kickball game, police lose match but gain understanding (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)

- The officials of women police from the park de Brooklyn and Brooklyn concentrate shortly levato in feet timidly to the edge of the field of kickball, watching the girls teenage and the advanced parts of the tank transmit the kickball that it knows them in the outfield far away. Bisbigli “of does not have some ice-skates on „and “they are that they go to play knots on foot? „to scatter through the group of the officials, that they have been dressed in the shorts athletic, in the ice-skates of tennis and the correspondence…

Bonita chapter of Shoes That Fit continues mission (Naples Daily News)

- From the organization in 2004, the Bonita jumps understood it of the national ice-skates that measure the plan has distributed 800 connections of the ice-skates and 12.000 articles to cover to the students to four elementary schools of zone: Motivatings force of Bonita, insenatura of the motivating force, Pinewoods and oak three.

Repaired shoes disguise disability (Wisconsin State Journal)

- MIDDLETON - That is where the ice-skates come to be detach to you. Ice-skates of tennis, loadings of the system of the job, sandals and ice-skates of the dressed one; David Johnston and Margaret Anderson does not discriminate. He is here, in one strait, store of the two-room hardly outside of service of the ice-skate of the called Professional tree-lined avenue of the university of the Rooster, than those with the piedino-length disparities they come to the relief search. That is where Johnston, 41 and Anderson, 37, aid others…

Stepping out, Irish style (Kane County Chronicle)

- St CHARLES - twelve girls age 4 - 6 rises in feet in the lines, some in ice-skates to indent of ballet, some in tennis ice-skates.

Roddick wins third Legg Mason title (Asbury Park Press)

- TENNIS: Andy Roddick

McNamara to coach MTSU tennis (The Tennessean)

- MURFREESBORO - The Tennessee centers them previous declares David McNamara All-American is taking the redini like car of tennis of the blue men of the Raider.

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